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Family Care

We Love Children!


Dr. Krauspe practices general and family dentistry, and offers a wide range of services to all ages. You can get a filling, crown or cleaning at any dentist; our difference is how you receive the service. We make every effort to make patients of all ages feel welcome, comfortable, and respected.


Good oral health is an important part of your child’s total wellness. Pleasant visits to Dr. Krauspe’s office promote the establishment of trust and confidence in your child that will last a lifetime.


Our senior patients are often pleased to learn that dentistry has improved drastically in the last several years. Dentistry has improved drastically in the last several years. Dental health covers a wider range of distinct services than ever before.


Comprehensive Oral Examination, Treatment Planning and Hygiene for Children, Adults and Seniors

  • Digital X-rays (minimal radiation)
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Periodontal (gum evaluation and treatment)
  • Occlusion/Orthodontic Evaluation
  • TMJ/MPD (jaw and facial pain evaluation)
  • Oral Cancer Screening

Restorative Dentistry

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings.
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns, Bridges, Partial and Complete Dentures

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Tooth Whitening
  • All-Porcelain Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
  • Limited Orthodontic Treatment

Oral Surgery

  • Tooth Removal
  • Dental Implants

Preventive Dental Care involves regular check-ups and office visits.

Nitrous Oxide is available for nervous patients of all ages.





We practice "Green" dentistry. No, your teeth aren't green, but we are environmentally conscious. We use mercury free, metal free tooth colored restorations to restore cavities and replace worn out fillings. Amalgam and nickel have been eliminated.


We are very careful to protect you from exposure to these materials should they need to be removed during any procedure. The new materials used are conservative and strengthen your teeth. They look good, feel good, and will last for a longer length of time.


We have invested in the latest technology for radiography, exposing patients to less radiation. Sensors are used instead of traditional film, producing images that are of higher quality, and that can be enlarged and enhanced for viewing and diagnosis. The process is green, because no chemicals are used in the developing of film.


Although some instruments used for dental treatment must be disposable, where possible, we use the same heat sterilization that is used in hospital operating rooms. These sterilized packages are opened in front of our patients.


Our dental office exceeds the established guidelines of the dental industry for cleanliness, sterilization and infection control.

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